7 Angels of Manifesting 

Virtual Workshop with Corin Grillo 

Manifest Your Wildest Dreams with the Archangels.
Last year, an awesome lil leprechaun spirit invited me to teach about the 7 Angels of Manifesting in Dublin, Ireland!

And we had the whole thing recorded for YOU and others to enjoy and learn from!

In it, you discover how to personally work with the following Archangels more deeply to manifest the health, wealth, life, and love of your dreams: Archangel Raziel, Ariel, Raphael, Chamuel, Uriel, Michael, Jophiel, and Sandalphon!
By now you know Angels are real and they will help you
in any area of your life. 

And so now... are you ready to explore more deeply
how the Archangels can help you manifest your wildest dreams?

In this Angel manifesting workshop you will:

> Learn the secrets to attracting greater love, health, and wealth with with the help of the angels.

> Learn how you can personally experience, work with, and feel the Archangels.

​​​​​​> Learn to more powerfully and clearly invite specific Archangels into your life. 

> Learn which specific Archangels to call on to attract and manifest some of your biggest desires.

> Learn what's blocking your manifestations and how to clear those blocks with angel energy.


Join us for this powerful Angel deep-dive.

Open your Heart, Mind, and Life to the Archangels


Stop struggling for good, and invite an army of angels into your life in more profound ways...
A joyful, abundant life is truly your birthright, but you have to learn the right way to summon angels.

There is no issue too big or small for angels.

If you have money problems, love problems, health problems, career problems, or are struggling to have deeper meaning in your life, the Archangels can absolutely help you.

The angels want nothing more than to support you in creating the life of your dreams.
 Learning how to work with angels ​​​​makes ALL things possible. 

Let them help you remove the blocks that are secretly keeping your joyful and abundant life on lockdown.  

Why do I need to learn how to better manifest with Angels?
You will greatly boost your manifesting power. 
You naturally become a magnet to attract your heart's deepest desires.
You naturally begin to follow the path leading you to abundance.
Your intuition magnifies and you awaken your spiritual gifts.
You become stronger and more resilient to negative energy and to life’s ups and downs.
You attract love and loving situations with ease and grace.
You feel stronger and more supported to make the life changes you need to make in order to fulfill your dreams.

Awaken Your True Manifesting Power

When you align your heartfelt intentions deeply and personally with the Angels, your life has no choice but to fulfill its highest purpose.  

Your innate soul power begins to attract beauty, love, abundance, and step into your true life purpose. 
During this Virtual Workshop,
>You will experience a profound connection with the angels.  

>You will receive deep healing, and shedding toxic emotions that might be blocking your manifestation.

>You will learn the powerful keys to working with the angels.

>You will experience an awakening of your own spiritual gifts. 
Here’s what Miracle Makers had to say about this magical workshop:
The Law of Attraction is good, but it is even better when you work with the angels.

 Will you say YES to miracles from your angels?

Join me, the angels, the creator, and other mysterious members of your invisible posse to help manifest the joyful and abundant life of your dreams.
About Corin:

Corin Grillo, MA, LMFT is a psychotherapist turned Intuitive Angel Channel.  She witnessed a miracle that was so mind-blowing with the help of the angels that it transformed her life forever, and unlocked her spiritual gifts.

Corin is passionate about helping  her students all around the world make direct and immediate contact with their angels and guides because they saved her life, and they will save your life too.
Corin is now an international  teacher,  healer, and is founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy, and online intuitive healing institute.

Corin teaches and heals by bridging her students with direct mystical experiences, excessive amounts of laughter, down to earth spiritual wisdom, and powerful, cutting edge Energy Therapy techniques that rapidly heal the heart, mind, and soul. 


7Angels of Manifesting - Virtual Workshop
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